As an entrepreneur and business owner, you understand the value of hiring the right workers to get the job done. Good employees perform well and in many cases, represent your company well to clients and customers. This is certainly true for workers that have to drive for company business. When your business involves vehicle operations, you need to be sure that you’ve checked all the boxes.

Finding the Right People

Most companies do background checks on potential employees. This can range from looking into an applicant’s credit history, criminal record and employment record. Driving a vehicle is inherently risky, so it’s incumbent on you to do your due diligence in finding candidates to fill these positions. For these roles, it’s critical to conduct a driving record background check. A driver with a poor driving record or one without a license can put your business at risk.

Covering Your Company

Business owners and firm principals know that purchasing insurance helps manage various operational risks. If your operations require employees to drive for work purposes, then individual auto liability is usually insufficient. You’ll need to have a commercial auto insurance policy that specifically covers the driving risks that are specific to how you do business. Please note that a commercial auto policy should not be confused with workers’ compensation which covers injuries to an employee while on the job.

Supplying Vehicles

Depending on the nature of the work, you can have employees use personal vehicles or you can provide one, often branded with a company logo, for their use. You may have specific contracts that cover the expenses of providing fleet autos. If the work requires the use of special equipment incorporated into a company vehicle, then your decision is a no-brainer. Different liabilities come with personal autos vs company vehicles, so plan accordingly.

You’re in business to make profits. Driving is a necessary but risky aspect of your operations. It’s important to find good drivers, have adequate insurance protection and equip your workers with the right vehicles when necessary.