3 Tips for Hiring New Truck Drivers

Hiring new truck drivers to join your team may seem daunting, but it does not have to be an intimidating experience. Creating an effective strategy to recruit new drivers can help you weed through applications and conduct interviews quickly and efficiently.

1. Define Your Expectations

Do not make the mistake of thinking that anyone who drives a truck can fill an open position. Your truck drivers represent your company, and an unprofessional driver can cause a lot of problems. From dealing with accidents, hiring CDL traffic ticket lawyers or fielding complaints from unhappy clients, you may end up spending your time on preventable tasks. Craft your job ad in a way that clearly defines your expectations for driver qualifications and customer service abilities.

2. Perform Background Checks

One wrong move on the road can result in serious accidents. While it is not possible to completely prevent every incident, you can decrease the odds. Performing background checks on potential truck drivers can provide peace of mind and assure you that you are hiring the right people. Drug tests, criminal history checks and comparing results from sex offender registries can all reveal whether or not a candidate should be hired.

3. Offer the Right Incentives

Examine the rates paid by your closest competitors and be sure to offer comparable wages, as low pay rates will only appeal to inexperienced or poor quality applicants. While most potential employees are concerned about the salary, other perks also play a big role in attracting quality candidates. Offer a generous number of paid days off, a great insurance policy and rewards for top performers. This will help you attract and retain great employees.

It can take time and effort to find excellent staff members. However, it is important to remember that it is much better to find quality drivers instead of hiring someone who ends up being a poor fit.…

Field Sobriety Tests and You

Get arrested is never a desirable outcome, and it’s typically an unexpected one, too. This is especially true for many people who find themselves arrested for drinking and driving. The evening probably started out fun and carefree, but when you’re in the back of a patrol car, you know things have gone wrong. Getting arrested on suspicion of DUI is a serious situation, and it’s one that over 22,000 Pennsylvanians find themselves in every year. Luckily, there are affordable bail bonds Williamsport PA that can help you get out of a bad situation and overcome this obstacle. In order to understand DUI arrests, though, you should first understand the field sobriety tests that are most commonly used.

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus

One of the first field sobriety tests that a law enforcement officer will apply is called the horizontal gaze nystagmus. This test is intended to measure the function of a person’s eyes and detect whether there is involuntary jerking present in that person’s eyeballs. If there is, this may be an indication that the person is intoxicated, which may then lead to an arrest. Unfortunately, though, there are plenty of reasons why a person’s eyes might involuntarily jerk, including reasons unrelated to intoxication. Medical conditions and some legal drugs can cause this phenomenon, which means that this field sobriety test may not be the most reliable.

The Walk and Turn

Like the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, the walk and turn test is intended to measure specific indicators in inebriation. However, also like the horizontal gaze nystagmus, it is not always the most reliable. The walk and turn test entails a suspect taking nine steps forward, heel to toe, in a straight line. If they are unable to do so, they might be deemed intoxicated and arrested on suspicion of DUI. The problem with this, of course, is that many factors determine an individual’s ability to walk, and you may be unable to pass the test even if you are entirely sober.…

What To Do After a Work Accident

If you work in a dangerous line of work, you know how stressful it can be just to show up to work every day. If you are injured on the job, there are protocols that you must follow. If you do not follow the proper steps after an injury, you may have difficulty claiming the compensation that you deserve.

Notify Your Manager or Supervisor

Immediately after an injury, your priority should be seeking medical care. Alert your immediate manager or supervisor that you have been hurt so that he or she can get medical assistance to you. You will likely be taken to a hospital for treatment or evaluation. Be sure that you comply with any testing that is needed to treat your injury.

Submit a Report to Human Resources

Once your immediate medical needs are taken care of, you need to alert your human resources manager of the situation if your supervisor has not already. This way, he or she can write a report about the incident. This will be indispensable if your workers’ compensation claim is ever contested in court. Make sure that you ask for a copy of the report so that you can verify that all information is correct.

Know Your Rights

If your employer is not willing to give you the workers’ compensation that you deserve, you must fight for your rights. You can contact an attorney who specializes in Iowa workers compensation who can help you navigate this process. His or her advice can be a valuable asset to you when you are trying to get compensation to cover loss of work and wages.

Work accidents can be truly scary occurrences, so make sure that you know what to do ahead of time. This way, you will be prepared for whatever comes your way.…

Three Fields of Study for Black Students Wanting To Increase Representation

While many strides have been made to improve diversity and inclusion, there are still several industries where Black people are underrepresented. Representation matters, especially where clients have a special interest in finding practitioners that understand their background as well as concerns. For Black students wanting to make a difference in fields where the percentage of Black professionals is lower than the national average, here are some areas to consider.

Medicine and Healthcare

For medical care, people often consult professionals who are familiar with their health concerns. Education and experience are key, but so are other intangibles, such as bedside manner. From family doctors to mental health therapists and more, the demand for Black practitioners is high. To become a physician, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, four years of medical school and several years of residency/specialty practice. You can be a registered nurse with an associate’s degree, but those in top positions nationwide often have bachelor’s and advanced degrees.

Legal Professions

The legal industry includes a wide range of roles requiring specialized education and experience. Where do you go for legal services? While word of mouth carries a lot of weight, many clients want to find a counselor who will best represent their interests by understanding their particular needs and concerns. After earning an undergraduate degree, completing law school and passing a state bar exam, you can become a licensed Black attorney Columbia MD.

The Built Environment

Infrastructure or the built environment is dependent on the services of architects, engineers and construction professionals. These fields can certainly benefit from increased representation of Black professionals. Many architects and engineers earn a bachelor’s degree at the bare minimum, with some specialties requiring graduate school. Construction professionals often don’t require a four-year degree, although more schools are offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

You can make a difference in any field that you choose to study. You may find a career or role that boosts representation as a Black person to be especially rewarding. You can be a positive example and offer a helping hand to those coming behind you.…

About Bail Bonds

Bail bonds, which are loans from a bonding company that are used to free defendants, are helpful when someone you love has been arrested. However, before you search “Montgomery County bail bonds,” consider the following surprising facts.

Bail Requirements

The only restriction on bail is that it cannot be overly punitive; it must be reasonable. Although the judge always determines whether bail is offered, misdemeanor crimes may not require bail. Individuals without criminal records who have been accused of minor crimes may be released on their own recognizance. This means, they promise to appear in court and fulfill all the court’s requirements.


You cannot get bail bonds in every state. For example, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Nebraska and Oregon do not allow bail bonds. In addition, the Philippines and United States are the only countries that have bail systems and honor bonds. In states and countries without a bonding system, the accused must pay their own bail in full before they are released from jail.

Additional Requirements

Sometimes defendants must do more than appear in court to have their bail returned at the end of a case. For example, defendants may have to attend multiple court sessions, complete drug or other counseling or education programs, refrain from breaking the law while they are out on bail and stay away from firearms.


Bail bonds are loans. Therefore, most require some form of collateral, such as jewelry, vehicles, real estate, stocks and bonds or many other valuables.

Bail Determinants

Although many jurisdictions have bail schedules that provide set bail amounts for specific crimes, bail can be altered for a number of reasons. First, the type of crime will be taken into account. The accused’s criminal history will also be evaluated. Whether the defendant has violated bail previously will also affect the bail amount and whether bail is even offered.

Anyone who has been arrested understands the value of a bail bond. If you or someone you love is accused of a crime, consider consulting both an attorney and a bail bondsman.…

3 Facts You Should Know About Bail Bonds

If you’re arrested, a judge may permit release until the official trial happens; however, this isn’t always a get-out-of-jail-free card. Rather, a bail amount may be set, much higher than you can afford. This provides the court a bit of assurance that you’ll reappear and not skip town. If you cannot find the collateral, you’ll likely ask family and friends to research bail bonds near me Allentown PA, locating a place to secure the bond. What does this really entail, though? Here are five important facts you should know about this commitment.

1. You’ll Save the Large Amount but Pay a Fee

Bondsmen act as a go-between. They provide an immediate loan service to the judicial system. They’ll put up the necessary bail amount. This allows you to resume your normal life. In return, they will ask for a certain fee amount. When you appear back in court, showing your good faith, the court returns the bail money to them. You’ll simply have to cover the amount asked for by the bondsman.

2. Bounty Hunters Could Arrest You

Your agreement with the bail bond company comes with stipulations. Read through the agreement, and understand the expectations. If you fail to follow through on your part, then they can send bounty hunters to locate you. Within the paperwork, you may have given permission for these unofficial law enforcers to come into your home, car or other property.

3. Bonds Could Save You Financially

Most people don’t have large amounts of money sitting in an easy-to-access account. Loans would have to be secured to pull out the desired demands. This is tedious, could hurt your credit, and time-consuming. Bail bonds are quick. While you’ll lose some funding to their charges, it could save you from paying off loan-bearing interest for years to come.

During a sticky situation, assistance may only be around the corner. They’ll buy you time outside to work on your case; plus, the overall cost may not be as steep as you think it could be.…

Not Always Better Together

Everyone wants to live happily ever after, but the truth is that sometimes happily ever after does not mean staying together. For every reason there is to get married, there are just as many equally valid reasons to get divorced. While of course no one wants to be in the position of having to get divorced, sometimes it is the better option for everyone involved.


The boring truth is that a large part of marriage is financial. Just as money is often a driving factor in getting married, it is also a driving factor behind the divorce. Financial issues are often the cause of divorce and can create the most difficulty when getting a marital settlement agreement Tampa or your area.


You will make mistakes in your married life. Some will be small and forgivable. Others will be large and harder for your partner to accept. You can ask for forgiveness, but you cannot expect it. It is up to your partner to find it in them to forgive you, just as it will be up to you to find the ability to forgive your partner’s mistakes. Accept that forgiveness is not always possible. Make peace with the fact that when trust has been lost, separation will likely follow. Some issues can be worked through but sometimes it is better to apologize and walk away.

Growth and Change

All this comes down to the one constant in life: change. People change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but mostly they just change and evolve over time. Sometimes it’s not people who change but circumstances: maybe your job changes or you need to move far away.

Don’t be unkind to yourself or your partner for changing. You couldn’t have known when you got married what would change and how. If it’s time to separate and move on, then it’s time to separate and move on.…