Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy

It can be a scary thing to contemplate filing for bankruptcy. Sometimes, though, it is the best thing you can do to get yourself out of the financial trouble you are in. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about bankruptcy to help put your mind at ease.

How Much Debt Should You Have Before Filing for Bankruptcy?

Experts say that you should have at least $15,000 to $20,000 in debt before filing for bankruptcy. If you have less, it might not be worth the hit to your credit, and the court may question why you are even filing. Check with your Rockville bankruptcy lawyer to see what makes sense for your situation.

How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Rating?

Bankruptcy will lower your credit rating, but not by as much as you would expect. If you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy, your credit might already be bad, so bankruptcy will not make it much worse. And shortly afterward, you will not have those old debts, so your credit might actually improve.

Will I Lose My Home and Car?

Your car or home might be ruled exempt in the bankruptcy case, so you may not lose them. Even if they are not exempt, you may be able to agree to keep paying on the home or car loan in order to keep them. Sometimes you may be able to pay only what the car or house is worth at the moment. Your attorney should be able to help you if you want to keep your car or home.

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you don’t need to worry too much. With the help of an attorney, you will be able to come through the bankruptcy in better financial shape than you were before, and you will not need to lose all your possessions to do so.…

Car Accident Lawyer, Salt Lake City

Accidents involving automobiles are very common in the state of Utah, and it is estimated that approximately every 11 minutes an accident happens. With this type of data, it can be assumed how dangerous the roads that make up this state can be.

The attorneys at Fielding Law are committed to defending and supporting victims of these types of accidents. It will guide you through the legal process that is required after the accident, while the victim avoids all the stress that is caused by this type of accident. They offer an accessible way for everyone to contact them, just by entering this page and filling out the contact form to obtain a free appointment:

Benefits of contacting an attorney for legal support?

Although, the presence of a lawyer is not mandatory after the accident. Having a lawyer will give you certain benefits that make the process more pleasant and practically simple. These benefits are as follows:

  • Investigation of the accident that occurred. After the accident happened, thanks to the impact, discovering who the culprit was becomes a bit complicated. The attorneys at Fielding Law will be in charge of gathering the necessary evidence to prove who was the negligent. This discovery will be vital for the calculation of the corresponding compensation. This process will include photographs of the accident scene, gathering witness statements, reviewing medical and police reports, as well as conversations with experts in the area of investigation.
  • Filing the injury claim. This process can become a bit confusing for those who are not used to or do not have knowledge, as well as knowing who it should be directed to. It tends to get more complicated when the accident includes a variety of parts. As their lawyers, they will determine who are the responsible parties and the respective legal representation at the time of presenting the claim to the insurers.
  • Negotiations and conversations with insurance companies. Something that is well known in this world is that insurers do not prioritize the best interests of accident victims, with the aim that they comply with the minimum possible. They will find a way to reject the victim’s claim, low offers, even trying to communicate with the victim and make any kind of statement against him. That is why it is always recommended that the lawyer be the one who leads any interaction with the insurance companies, he will emphasize all the expenses caused by the accident, to achieve a fair and equitable amount for financial compensation.
  • Go to court to file the claim. Most of the time these types of cases are resolved without going to court. In the opposite case that a satisfactory agreement is not reached for both parties, at Fielding Law, their car accident attorneys are prepared to face and obtain the best result for their clients.

At the time of contact with a Fielding Law attorney

When a contact is established with one of the attorneys belonging to the firm. The victim will find a team that will give importance to all of their interests, they will talk with them to review all available legal options. They will also use their investigators and experts to build a strong case against the insurance company and obtain fair compensation.…

Aspect  to Watch Out For When Looking for Car Accident Lawyer

It is well known that car accidents need the support of a good lawyer to have a chance to succeed. From complaint documents to the subsequent handling of the claim, expertise and competence are at the forefront. So you had a motor vehicle accident and the insurance company is not ready to compensate you so you have to go to court to get a settlement? Now if this definition suits you, then continue reading to discover the important things to watch out for before hiring this personal injury attorney:

The Attorney’s Law Firm

Watch out for the pedigree of the law office you employ. You can make some findings by checking online to see what work was done by the company and the services they provide. Car accident gets the best of court settlements when they are handled by lawyers at a firm with both experience and passion for work. Do a thorough search before selecting this counsel. For a better car accidents lawyer, Hensley Law Firm has high-quality hands. As soon as you have done your research on which lawyer can best represent you, you will also need to provide all the proper evidence that will make your request irrefutable.

Passion for the Job

Now that you have done your research about the company and you are sure that you can get highly qualified brains for the job there. Move quickly until you can have conversations with the lawyer, please pay attention to any indications of interest. Notice how he talks about his work and the energy he brings to his work. One key tip to know how much the profession means to the lawyer is to ask why he is interested in car accident litigations.

Good Oral and Written Skills

Communication is very important when it comes to law. Verbal and written skills are necessary to obtain the best possible justice. A lawyer with poor oral skills can’t convince the court you have a good case. If the written skills are not good, you cannot be fully confident that the documents will be properly filed. A lawyer who can speak and write with confidence has the necessary tools to support you and help you win your case. Always prioritize this area when looking for an attorney.


Self-assertion is high quality in a lawyer, but there is a fine line between self-assertion and aggression. When you take a strong stand, you confidently state your case without disrespecting others, it means you are assertive . The assertiveness of the lawyers to convince the court and the victim with enough legal evidence helps the lawyer to adopt a strong stance that will help the case. Self-assertion is the capacity to communicate with respect and honesty. A car accident lawyer must develop a high degree of self-assertion to be able to successfully win the case. Lawyers also need creativity, which is the ability to transform perspectives as well as caring about the victim by giving them a good ear and lastly, good judgment.…

New Illinois Legislation Will Enable College Students To Take 5 Intellectual Health Days, Starting In 2022

COVID-19 situations have spiked among children specially these below 12 who are unvaccinated. Right here’s how to protect them. U . S . Nowadays

children in Illinois will quickly be capable of take up to 5 mental health days off faculty.

A legislations signed by means of Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker ultimate month will permit for 5 excused absences from college without the want for a physician’s observe, beginning in January.

Proponents of the invoice argued that students are beneath increasing quantities of intellectual pressure, mainly amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Many students think stressed out, and have developed anxiousness and depression as a result of they’re now not in a position to see lecturers and chums, and might have lower grades as a result of far flung gaining knowledge of. This could enable them to get the aid they need,” pointed out State Rep. Barbara Hernandez, who was a co-sponsor of the bill.

The legislations applies to all public faculty college students, ages 6-17.

The centers for disease handle and Prevention published a look at remaining fall that showed intellectual health-related emergency room visits amongst toddlers extended 24% for these between the ages of 5 and eleven, and 31% for ages 12 to 17 when you consider that around the birth of the pandemic in April 2020, in comparison to 2019.

‘we’re accomplishing out’: students returning to college after COVID-19 facing scarce mental fitness supplies

us of a nowadays Subscriber: Which students neglected category during COVID-19? We asked. And, schools don’t understand.

that’s on right of an already expanding quantity of intellectual fitness diagnoses in babies in contemporary years. One analyze published within the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics in 2018 discovered that prices of nervousness and depression have been increasing in youngsters a long time 6 to 17 from 5.4% in 2003 to eight.4% in 2011 to 2012.

The Illinois bill states that college students who take greater than two of the accredited intellectual health days may still be pointed out appropriate school guide features. Students who take mental health days will even be given the possibility to make up neglected work.

students in Oregon are already allowed to absorb to 5 mental fitness days off, and equivalent legal guidelines have been proposed in Florida, Utah and different states. Bernard Law Montgomery County in Maryland has also delivered caring for mental fitness as an excused absence from college.

“As society continues to boost the significance of addressing intellectual fitness as part of health care, we have to make sure that our students have the ability to handle considerations they are dealing with,” State Sen. Robert Martwick pointed out in a press release after the invoice passed the Senate. “This invoice removes the stigma and makes it possible for college students to prioritize their mental fitness and balance.”…

Top Considerations for Business Owners Who Need Drivers

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you understand the value of hiring the right workers to get the job done. Good employees perform well and in many cases, represent your company well to clients and customers. This is certainly true for workers that have to drive for company business. When your business involves vehicle operations, you need to be sure that you’ve checked all the boxes.

Finding the Right People

Most companies do background checks on potential employees. This can range from looking into an applicant’s credit history, criminal record and employment record. Driving a vehicle is inherently risky, so it’s incumbent on you to do your due diligence in finding candidates to fill these positions. For these roles, it’s critical to conduct a driving record background check. A driver with a poor driving record or one without a license can put your business at risk.

Covering Your Company

Business owners and firm principals know that purchasing insurance helps manage various operational risks. If your operations require employees to drive for work purposes, then individual auto liability is usually insufficient. You’ll need to have a commercial auto insurance policy that specifically covers the driving risks that are specific to how you do business. Please note that a commercial auto policy should not be confused with workers’ compensation which covers injuries to an employee while on the job.

Supplying Vehicles

Depending on the nature of the work, you can have employees use personal vehicles or you can provide one, often branded with a company logo, for their use. You may have specific contracts that cover the expenses of providing fleet autos. If the work requires the use of special equipment incorporated into a company vehicle, then your decision is a no-brainer. Different liabilities come with personal autos vs company vehicles, so plan accordingly.

You’re in business to make profits. Driving is a necessary but risky aspect of your operations. It’s important to find good drivers, have adequate insurance protection and equip your workers with the right vehicles when necessary.…

4 Benefits of Hiring Criminal Defense Lawyers

It is stressing being accused of a criminal offense. Whether innocent or guilty, it is advisable to get help from a criminal lawyer. An attorney will help you with the paperwork, posting bail, questioning by the police officers, and gathering strong evidence to win your case.

Importance of a Criminal Attorney

Understands the Law

Criminal attorneys have studied and practiced law for years, and thus, they know everything about the legal system. It’s challenging to fully understand the law if you have not studied such matters. An experienced attorney will build a solid case against your complainants. The Law Office of Genine Ann Mejia will also look for loopholes that may work in your favor.

They Have the Correct Resources

A criminal lawyer does so much to win a case, not just appearing in court and arguing out points. A criminal attorney gathers evidence, searches for eyewitnesses, and gets the correct facts. They can also help you get court resources and get access to court-appointed private investigators.

Saves You Time

Court paperwork and following up on case proceedings take a lot of time. A defense lawyer is familiar with the paperwork and other legal proceedings. The time you would have used to do all that can be utilized with family or work.

Protects You against Heavy Penalties

When faced with a criminal charge, the prosecutor will work hard to ensure you lose the case and get hefty penalties. This can be more distressing if you are accused falsely. A criminal lawyer will represent you and shield you from harsh prosecutors. If you are guilty, the attorney will ensure you get a fair judgment, such as a reduced sentence.

Hiring a defense lawyer is important, especially when your character and freedom are at risk. So, ensure to hire the services of a reputable lawyer who’s been in practice for years to protect you from harsh penalties and build a strong defense.…

What Should You Know About Railroad Worker Injuries?

If you are a railroad worker, you can not use the state’s laws for workers’ compensation. You can still use the services of Las Vegas injury lawyers because they are aware of the laws that apply but what is important is to know that you have to pursue benefits under the federal law known as FELA (Federal Employer’s Liability Act). You are entitled to compensation for repetitive stress injuries, diseases, and traumatic injuries. Similarly to workers’ compensation, with FELA you have coverage for pre-existing conditions being aggravated.

What should be noted though is there are differences when comparing claims under FELA and claims under workers’ compensation. The main distinction is that the worker has to show that there was negligence from the employer and it was that negligence that led to the illness or injuries. With worker comp, negligence does not have to be proved.

Proving Causation And Negligence

The railroad employers are liable when they act unreasonably or they do not take precautions that are meant to protect employee safety. Simply put, they must fail to offer the equipment needed to get the job done or act in any other way that would lead to an injury, like not offering proper instructions. As with all the other employers, the railways have to implement and devise safety policies and procedures. A very strong proof that negligence appeared is when the employer did not adhere to the established safety policy.

When the claimant also had a fault, the compensation award is reduced. This is quite similar to comparative negligence rules we see with personal injury claims. The degree of fault of the injured worker is decided in the form of a percentage. For instance, if the fault of the worker was 30%, only 70% of the damages will be received.


It is more difficult for the FELA claimant to receive compensation than through workers’ compensation. However, the injured railroad worker can also receive more money. This includes coverage for lost income, medical expenses, and even disabilities. At the same time though, compensation can be received for the non-economic damages suffered, like pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental distress, and losing earning capacity. Such damages will not be available when you file a workers’ compensation claim.

Filing The FELA Claim

A FELA claim can be brought to any federal or state court. However, you can only do so up to 3 years after the injury date. If you do not meet the deadline, the claim will be dismissed, even if merit exists. You will not receive financial assistance.

The difficulty is determining the injury date. This is especially true when talking about a progressive disease or condition and there was no traumatic event that triggered it. In such cases, the statute of limitations applies from when the worker should discover or discovers the illness or injury.

Basically, as with all personal injury claims, it is important to start the FELA claims process as soon as you can, preferably under the guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.…