The penalties in the case of driving without car insurance can be quite heavy. The negligent driver risks a hefty fine. However, other penalties may also be imposed, depending on the seriousness of the offense and the damage. These include, but are not limited to:

  • suspension or even cancellation of the driving license for a maximum period of three years, with a ban on retaking the tests for up to three years
  • prohibition to drive any land motor vehicle, even cars without a license
  • confiscation of the vehicle
  • obligation to follow a road safety course at the driver’s expense
  • community service to be carried out
  • prison sentence for the most serious cases

 In addition, if the driver is responsible for an accident resulting in bodily injury and/or material damage, the motorist will have to reimburse the victims out of his pocket. And the insurance note can quickly become astronomical… It should also be noted that the compensation he will pay to third parties will be increased by 10%, a percentage.

Seek Legal Representation

In addition, the victim can contact a car accident attorney Washington-based, if the incident occurred in the general area or city. In that case, the responsible party also has to get legal representation because this is a serious matter, especially if either party was injured after the accident occurred.