Are you wondering if everything is okay with your marriage? Do you dread spending time together? Are you finding reasons to sneak off and avoid each other? Unfortunately, a relationship that once was close could become distanced, leaving you considering if that spark is possible anymore.

Divorce happens often, and it’s not because you did something wrong, but because life happened. People take different paths, and a split is sometimes unavoidable. If your marriage has the following problems, it may be time to say goodbye.

1. No Intimacy

Sex and closeness are crucial to feeling connected. Do you find yourself making excuses not to have time together at night? Are you just not interested in romance with each other? The relationship should have some physical attraction. If it doesn’t, that may be when to consult a divorce lawyer NJ.

2. Constant Bickering

When you started dating, you experienced pleasantness. After so many years, you may have uncovered a lot of differences that now lead to arguments. Fighting often causes more angst and frustration, making time together emotionally hard.

3. Frequent Criticism

Compliments uplift, but criticism deflates, hurting egos and establishing rifts. During conversations, these put-downs push people apart. You may feel angry and broke that you keep hearing the negative. Over time, so much pessimism could destroy your self-worth.

4. Separate Interests

Couples do not have to do everything together, but it helps to share time. Do you enjoy eating out with each other? Are you open to going on outings? Spending most of your day away from each other isn’t a good sign.

Couples are meant to enjoy each other and their time with each other. When that breaks down, there are problems. Your marriage may have hit a rut or it could be struggling. Try speaking with professionals for help. If that doesn’t work, consider a change.