Was someone you love in a car accident that’s changed how they navigate the world? Perhaps you have a child who has special needs due to cerebral palsy or another disease. Regardless of who has special needs or why, a personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complex changes in your life.

Fighting for Compensation

The biggest way an injury lawyer Melville NY can assist someone who has special needs is by fighting for compensation if it is warranted. Someone who nows requires ongoing medical care or other assistance due to an accident that wasn’t their fault may be eligible to receive compensation. The money is often necessary to help pay for care such as doctor’s appointments, in-home health teams, transportation upgrades, and more.

Applications for Benefits

Someone who has special needs often qualifies for assistance from state and federal organizations. However, the application process to receive such benefits is often long and complicated. When coupled with the new reality for the injured person, remembering to fill out applications correctly and submit them by the required deadlines is often too much. A lawyer can assist by ensuring everything is filled out correctly, gathering any supporting documents, and ensuring everything is submitted on time.

Helping the Family Through Tough Times

When someone’s daily life changes and results in having special needs, the change can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Parents who give birth to a child with special needs often need direction as well. An injury lawyer typically has education about special needs as well. He or she can provide legal advice, help to advocate for their rights in special education, and draft legal documents for healthcare needs, guardianship needs, and powers of attorney when relevant.

When hiring an attorney who works with special needs cases, it is important to ask the right questions. In addition to verifying licenses, ask the attorney what interested him or her in the specialty, who can provide good references, and what to expect from the services.