Accidents involving automobiles are very common in the state of Utah, and it is estimated that approximately every 11 minutes an accident happens. With this type of data, it can be assumed how dangerous the roads that make up this state can be.

The attorneys at Fielding Law are committed to defending and supporting victims of these types of accidents. It will guide you through the legal process that is required after the accident, while the victim avoids all the stress that is caused by this type of accident. They offer an accessible way for everyone to contact them, just by entering this page and filling out the contact form to obtain a free appointment:

Benefits of contacting an attorney for legal support?

Although, the presence of a lawyer is not mandatory after the accident. Having a lawyer will give you certain benefits that make the process more pleasant and practically simple. These benefits are as follows:

  • Investigation of the accident that occurred. After the accident happened, thanks to the impact, discovering who the culprit was becomes a bit complicated. The attorneys at Fielding Law will be in charge of gathering the necessary evidence to prove who was the negligent. This discovery will be vital for the calculation of the corresponding compensation. This process will include photographs of the accident scene, gathering witness statements, reviewing medical and police reports, as well as conversations with experts in the area of investigation.
  • Filing the injury claim. This process can become a bit confusing for those who are not used to or do not have knowledge, as well as knowing who it should be directed to. It tends to get more complicated when the accident includes a variety of parts. As their lawyers, they will determine who are the responsible parties and the respective legal representation at the time of presenting the claim to the insurers.
  • Negotiations and conversations with insurance companies. Something that is well known in this world is that insurers do not prioritize the best interests of accident victims, with the aim that they comply with the minimum possible. They will find a way to reject the victim’s claim, low offers, even trying to communicate with the victim and make any kind of statement against him. That is why it is always recommended that the lawyer be the one who leads any interaction with the insurance companies, he will emphasize all the expenses caused by the accident, to achieve a fair and equitable amount for financial compensation.
  • Go to court to file the claim. Most of the time these types of cases are resolved without going to court. In the opposite case that a satisfactory agreement is not reached for both parties, at Fielding Law, their car accident attorneys are prepared to face and obtain the best result for their clients.

At the time of contact with a Fielding Law attorney

When a contact is established with one of the attorneys belonging to the firm. The victim will find a team that will give importance to all of their interests, they will talk with them to review all available legal options. They will also use their investigators and experts to build a strong case against the insurance company and obtain fair compensation.