If you are charged with DUI charges, it is important to seek assistance from an experienced attorney. Whether you are at fault or not, many lawyers will be ready to take your case. Therefore, do your research and look for a DUI lawyer with the best character traits.

What Makes a Good DUI lawyer?

Good Communication Skills

As a charged person, it is important to know how your lawyer is pursuing your case. This will be possible if the lawyer possesses good communication skills. Good attorneys should communicate with their clients to explain things.


If you realize your attorney isn’t confident enough, you will lose trust in him. However, a confident DUI lawyer will give you peace of mind, and you hope for the best.


Just as individuals look for experienced attorneys for other cases, hiring an experienced DUI lawyer is also necessary. Find out how many years they’ve been in practice and the number of cases they’ve handled. It is also best to know the number of cases the Whited law firm has won. With that info, you’ll ascertain if the DIU lawyers are experienced.

Charges Fairly

Everyone knows that legal services are expensive. However, that doesn’t mean that a DUI lawyer should charge you higher fees than most lawyers do. A good lawyer should charge fair prices that their clients can afford.


When charged in a court of law, it is human nature to always expect to win. However, a good DUI lawyer should take time and evaluate your case before promising you good outcomes. Avoid attorneys who promise high expectations before reviewing your case because they aren’t honest with you.

When choosing a DUI lawyer, ensure you get a qualified person who will secure your rights. Ask around or check on the internet for a lawyer with good reviews. This will give you a chance to get justice and fairness.