While many strides have been made to improve diversity and inclusion, there are still several industries where Black people are underrepresented. Representation matters, especially where clients have a special interest in finding practitioners that understand their background as well as concerns. For Black students wanting to make a difference in fields where the percentage of Black professionals is lower than the national average, here are some areas to consider.

Medicine and Healthcare

For medical care, people often consult professionals who are familiar with their health concerns. Education and experience are key, but so are other intangibles, such as bedside manner. From family doctors to mental health therapists and more, the demand for Black practitioners is high. To become a physician, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, four years of medical school and several years of residency/specialty practice. You can be a registered nurse with an associate’s degree, but those in top positions nationwide often have bachelor’s and advanced degrees.

Legal Professions

The legal industry includes a wide range of roles requiring specialized education and experience. Where do you go for legal services? While word of mouth carries a lot of weight, many clients want to find a counselor who will best represent their interests by understanding their particular needs and concerns. After earning an undergraduate degree, completing law school and passing a state bar exam, you can become a licensed Black attorney Columbia MD.

The Built Environment

Infrastructure or the built environment is dependent on the services of architects, engineers and construction professionals. These fields can certainly benefit from increased representation of Black professionals. Many architects and engineers earn a bachelor’s degree at the bare minimum, with some specialties requiring graduate school. Construction professionals often don’t require a four-year degree, although more schools are offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

You can make a difference in any field that you choose to study. You may find a career or role that boosts representation as a Black person to be especially rewarding. You can be a positive example and offer a helping hand to those coming behind you.