Personal injury law facilitates compensating a person injured due to someone else’s negligence. There is a wide range of situations that enable such a claim. Common types of individual injury cases include.

Car Accidents

This accounts for most cases regarding personal injury. Accidents happen when an individual fails to follow the set road rules. A California car accident attorney advises that the careless driver be held responsible when the car causes an accident that results in injuries.


This occurs when one person injures the other intentionally. A criminal case may result. Physically attacking another person, for instance, may result in criminal charges. The victim in such a case may file a personal injury lawsuit to demand compensation.

Other Traffic Accidents

Many personal injury cases are due to traffic accidents involving pedestrians, motorcycles, and truck accidents. Due to the unique nature of each accident type, special considerations for any one of them are taken into account.

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents fall on traffic laws that lay the foundation for looking at crosswalks and observing proper lookouts. Truck accidents fall within a special federal law and regulations. Trucking companies have to follow the laid down rules, including properly checking loads and routine vehicle inspection. Truckers have to rest for a given standard number of hours also.

Medical Malpractice Cases

A health care provider who fails to provide the expected standard medical care may be subjected to a lawsuit. A patient may also pursue this case due to misdiagnosis. If medical malpractices occur, an expert witness is needed to give an insight into what care the patient ought to have received and how the healthcare providers failed to achieve it.

Slip And Fall Cases

Keeping the premises free of hazards and safe is the responsibility of property owners. Such owners are required by the law to pursue this legal duty to eliminate the predisposing factors that may result in injuries.

Dog Bites

The owner of the dog is held responsible when their dog inflicts bites or other injuries to an individual. Different states, however, have variations on the exact laws such owners are subjected to. In some cases, the dog owner is liable to pay for damages regardless of whether their dog has any aggression or has demonstrated the propensity to cause a bite in the past. However, in other states, an owner becomes responsible for such damage if they establish their dog has aggressive attributes and a history of biting.

Toxic Exposure

Due to the continued increase in chemical usage, becoming ill due to contaminant exposure is sometimes unavoidable. Contaminants may be present in the soil, air, or water. Proving such claims is difficult and often requires the expertise to establish the claim.

The chemical industry has usually invested heavily in ensuring immunity when such claims are made. However, hiring an expert may help settle such claims and facilitate compensation.

Long-Term Disabling Injuries

This results mainly due to fatal accidents. A fatality that causes physical injuries or affects the appearance of an individual falls in this category. Establishing the worth of such injuries is cumbersome. Seek the assistance of an experienced attorney to achieve the most from the claim.


This may result due to making false statements which often injures the reputation of an individual. To win such claims, one has to prove the actual harm was due to the untrue statement. On the other hand, celebrities have to prove that the statement caused actual malice due to reckless disregard of such statements.

Product Liability

Consumer protection laws ensure customers who lay claims due to substandard products are compensated. Manufacturers must ensure the safety of their products. An injury that results from a defective product can lead to the establishment of a lawsuit. When dealing with big corporations, consider hiring the services of a seasoned attorney.

Personal injury attorneys usually have a wide range of areas they can handle. Always be sure of legal procedures and implications for the case at hand. Consider hiring the services of such representatives to get the best legal advice.