E1 Visa Eligibility Requirements Explained

Any treaty trader or investor coming to the United States for business must have either the E1 visa or the E2 visa, respectively. In addition, these investors or traders must also be under a commerce and navigation treaty between the United States and the country of which they are a citizen.

The E1 visa is for treaty traders from countries that have maintained a good commerce and navigation treaty. The E1 visa allows the treaty traders to come to the US and conduct any trade affairs between the United States and their country.

So, if you are a treaty trader intending to trade in the US, you will surely need an E1 visa. To acquire this visa, below are some requirements that will make you eligible for the E1 visa Los Angeles-located or any other part of the US.

Requirements and People Suitable for the E1 Visa

  • If you are an immediate family member of an E1 visa holder, you are automatically suitable for the visa.
  • If you are a citizen of the treaty countriesyou become eligible to get the E1 visa and trade in the US.
  • Your trading firm or company must also be among the treaty countries.
  • In addition, your trading must be substantial. This means that 50 percent of your trade must be between your home and the US.

What are the Benefits of Having an E1 Visa?

If you maintain the E1 visa status, you can freely travel in and out of the US. You can also stay in the US for a prolonged time with unlimited time extensions of two years.

Moreover, if you have your close family members with you, such as your spouse and children, they can stay with you for as long as you wish, and for kids, they can also go to school in the US. Your spouse can also work in the US if they apply for the employment authorization document.