Recommendations For Couples Seeking a Divorce

Even before entering into a marriage, you should seek advice in order to recognize the far-reaching legal effects associated with the marriage. This is the only way to clarify whether the legal consequences of a marriage that deviate from the law should be regulated by a marriage contract.  During an intact marriage, the living conditions, goals of the spouses and the financial situation can change, so that the need for security and individual regulation of the legal situation arises within the framework of a marriage contract.

The Breakup

When two people break up a marriage, there are often a variety of issues to deal with. There are often wrong ideas, especially during the separation period, and avoidable mistakes are often made that are difficult to correct. It is therefore advantageous to seek advice from a lawyer specializing in divorce law, or even better a lawyer specializing in family law, at an early stage. If possible, such counseling should take place even before the separation. Long before the court decision that dissolves the marriage, the so-called divorce, lies the important period in which the course can still be set.

The Law

In principle, the legislature distinguishes between three periods of time in marriage law. First of all, there is an intact marital partnership. This is followed by the time of living apart and finally the phase after the divorce. Each of these periods is regulated by law, and there are different legal claims or consequences of divorce for each. The calculation of claims – especially maintenance claims – and their judicial enforcement also depend on a careful legal examination of the different periods.

This is sometimes a difficult task for experienced family law attorneys. From a legislative point of view, the time of the divorce already marks the beginning of the last phase. It may then already be too late for a design. Therefore, speak to a competent specialist lawyer for family law at an early stage. Contact Rice Law Firm to get more information.