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Star Mountain Resources is an OTC listed company, originally incorporated in September 2009 in Nevada as a publically traded shell. The original shell was merged with Bolcán Mining Corporation and renamed Jameson Stanford Resources, effective October 29, 2012. On December 15, 2014 the company was renamed Star Mountain Resources to better reflect the focus of the company on its’ holdings in the Star mining district of southern Utah. The board of directors and senior management was changed at that time and a strategic decision was made to pursue acquisition of developed mining assets with a clear path to early production.


On 2 November 2015, Star Mountain Resources acquired Northern Zinc, LLC, a private company and closed on the acquisition of the Balmat Holding Corporation from Hudbay Minerals and gained title to the Balmat zinc mine in upstate New York. The three-way transaction brings to the company a high quality mining asset and adds seasoned, experienced mining professionals to its existing board of directors and senior management.


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