Environmental Stewardship

Effective environmental stewardship requires precise planning and implementation to minimize impacts and mitigate unavoidable changes to the environment. This planning is incorporated as early as the mine exploration stage and continued through construction, operation, and closure – and, ultimately, through reclamation.


Star Mountain Resources Corporation strives to ensure that environmental protection, environmental monitoring, community involvement, employee and public safety take place at every stage of the mining life cycle. Consideration of both current and potential environmental challenges is an integral part of the mining life cycle. As we strive to mitigate environmental impacts at our mine sites, we also have ongoing improvement programs to meet federal, state, and local standards – as well as to address risk management and mitigation:


Water treatment – water from site operations is treated to meet or exceed governmental regulations and permit approvals.


Sewage management systems – systems are in place to reduce our long-term environmental footprint in accordance with the industry’s best practices.


Energy consumption – all sites to track energy costs on a monthly basis, with a focus on reducing energy usage intensity year-over-year.


Recycling – various recycling initiatives are in place across our operations to improve resource use.


Air emissions – all facilities use dust-suppression methods on roads, crushers, and conveyors to protect air quality.

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