Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Peter Bojtos

Mr. Bojtos has an extensive background in the mining industry, with over 38 years in exploration, production and corporate management. From 2005 to 2012 Mr. Bojtos was Chairman, president and chief executive officer of Cyclone Uranium Corp. (formerly Fischer-Watt Gold Company, Inc.). Following a 15 year career at Kerr Addison Mines, Limited, where he was latterly Vice-President – Corporate Development, Mr. Bojtos in 1992 became President and Chief Executive Officer of Consolidated Nevada Goldfields Corporation. From August 1993 until 1995, Mr. Bojtos was President and Chief Executive Officer of Greenstone Resources Ltd. Mr. Bojtos became a Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fischer-Watt in April 1996 and became Chairman, President and CEO, and acting Chief Financial Officer of the Company on August 4, 2005.  Mr. Bojtos received a Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Geology from Leicester University, England.


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